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ESG Stepping Stones Rockwater Company

ESG-supply chain services for large (CSRD-regulated) companies

Boost your current supply chain!


The reporting obligation for large corporations spills over to their supply chain and other stakeholders. Querying and assessing these stakeholders is an extensive exercise for all involved. Experience already shows that small suppliers do not have the tools and (financial) resources to adequately deal with the requests for information from their large customers. They also have great difficulty in complying with the ESG-related demands and requirements of those customers. As a result, small suppliers in particular, risk being unable to keep up with the changing ESG landscape.


At Rockwater Company, we believe in sustainability and in lasting relationships. We do this in our own unique way, taking into account your wishes and expectations as a customer, and the nature of the supply chain company involved in the process. Our working method is therefor characterized by an efficient and practical approach with sustainable results for all parties involved.


We can also deploy our expertise and services for any new suppliers you may like to work with.


This is how we make a better world together.


Please, contact us for questions or more information about our ESG supply chain services.

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