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ESG Stepping Stones Rockwater Company

As business advisors, passionate about corporate social responsibility, we are convinced that operating in a responsible and sustainable way is the only way to build a valuable and truly successful business. In doing so, every company, even the smallest can positively impact the environment and society as a whole. At Rockwater Company, we help companies do just that.



ESG-Stepping Stones program for small and medium-sized enterprises


ESG-Stepping Stones in brief:

  • Inventory / analysis
    We assess your current (CSRD/ESG) position, the challenges you face and the opportunities that exist through an ESG quick scan.
  • Strategy / plan of action
    We work with you to develop a robust ESG strategy appropriate to your business, with a practical plan for successful implementation.
  • Implementation and assurance
    If required, we can then help your company to implement its ESG strategy and support you in staying abreast with the ever-changing ESG laws and regulations.


What does this give you?

Our ESG process, will give you a good overview of where you stand, a sound plan to achieve objectives, as well as practical tools to implement that plan.


It will show your stakeholders (such as employees, customers and suppliers) that you are proactively and purposefully engaged in corporate social responsibility, giving you a much-valued competitive edge.


Changing regulation means that large companies need to work with suppliers who follow sustainable business practices. Selecting and questioning vendors is a huge job. The choice for you as a supplier, will be made faster if you can show that you do business in a responsible way.


But over and above all this; you are simply doing good for people, for nature, and for your company!


What does it cost?


We work with different rates, depending on the size/turnover of your company. This enables every company to have access to our services and prepare for the changing landscape. By charging lower rates for smaller companies and somewhat higher rates for medium-sized enterprises, we believe we create a level playing field. This fits with our company’s thinking, but also with the underlying intention of the CSRD: to create a better world together.


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