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Working with our extensive network of international business advisory firms, law firms and other relevant contacts we assist clients when they are considering doing business abroad. This includes assisting with the incorporation of local companies, navigating local laws and regulations, location search, office search, dealing with permits and subsidies among others.


Some examples of the countries we have recently dealt with are Singapore, Denmark, China, Argentina, the US, Germany, and the UK.


We provide companies that have decided to enter the Dutch or European market, with a comprehensive suite of services, including:


  • Starting or relocating a business
  • Acquisition of an existing company
  • Subsidies and financing (including corporate finance)
  • Governance
  • Corporate housekeeping services
  • Tax legislation. Some interesting facts about tax in the Netherlands:
  1. Most extensive tax treaty network of all EU countries.
  2. Absence of withholding tax on interest and royalties.
  3. An approachable, transparent and consistent Tax administration, tax rulings practice and no tax authority charge for tax rulings.
  4. The famous Dutch participation exemption.
  5. Special tax regime for expatriates known as the 30% arrangement.
  6. Possibility to file corporate tax return in euro or other currency.


Languages spoken in our firm are Dutch, English, Italian, Hindi, German, Arab and Farsi.  


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Doing business in India


With an exceptional understanding of Indian law, a keen business acumen, and an internationally diverse team, Business Law Chamber (BLC) emerges as the premier Indian law firm with the best corporate lawyers in India to assist companies and individuals from the Netherlands looking to invest and explore possibilities of growth in India. BLC’s expertise in navigating the intricacies of both local and regional legal frameworks uniquely positions them as the go-to attorneys in India to support and guide clients in their business endeavors in the jurisdiction. As an emerging law firm in India, BLC ensures that clients receive comprehensive and tailored legal advice.


The firm’s international background and specialization in international law are additional assets that set them apart. With a team comprising diverse legal and cultural perspectives, BLC brings a global mindset to each client engagement, making them the best choice for handling international law matters in India.


This helps us understand the specific challenges faced by companies and individuals from the Netherlands, facilitating effective cross-border collaborations, mergers, and inbound investments in India. To conclude, BLC stands as the unrivaled choice for companies and individuals from the Netherlands seeking the best lawyers and corporate law firm in India for top-notch legal assistance.


Their exceptional understanding of Indian law, combined with their business acumen, international background, and commitment to client service, makes them the ideal partner for navigating the complexities of the legal landscape, outbound investments to India, and doing business in India. Invest in India with confidence, knowing that BLC is your trusted legal advisor.


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