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Business support
Our services comprise a wide range of topics in the field of strategic business support. Our group of specialists, combined with a widespread international network of consultancy, accountancy, and law firms, enables us to assist our clients in multiple jurisdictions.


Network of specialists
We are closely aligned with a network of highly rated specialists in adjacent fields, such as civil law notaries, marketing and sales specialists and banks.


One-stop solution
Our affiliated corporate law firm, Rockwater Legal, provides our clients with high level legal advice and services. Working in this way, we can provide a one-stop solution for almost every challenge or opportunity a company may encounter.


The main services we provide are:


We take pride in the fact that many domestic and international businesses regard us as their trusted advisor and strategic partner. We provide them with high-level strategic advice and a suite of services such as business development and match making. As such, clients often come to us to help them find the right kind of business or joint venture partners, new customers and providers, or to help them improve their existing business model.


Basically, we assist our clients – whether start-ups, scale-ups or companies involved in an M&A transaction – to grow and excel. We do that proactively, focused and successfully!


CSR/ESG services

Sustainability is no longer limited to reducing environmental damage; it’s about actively contributing to a better future, about businesses making themselves future proof. The CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) now imposes a detailed reporting obligation on thousands of listed/large private companies pertaining their sustainability efforts.


The CSRD will be implemented in phases over the upcoming years. Also companies in the supply chain of these publicly traded and/or large private companies will increasingly be confronted with new challenges, as decisions of those large companies to engage in business with companies in the supply chain (procurement) will be heavily influenced by environmental, social, and governance (ESG) credentials.


As such, these large enterprises will encourage smaller businesses in their supply chains to provide sustainability information, enabling broader sustainability reporting. But also banks and investors will request sustainability information when assessing financing applications and determining interest rates. This will make sustainable investments more attractive due to favorable financing terms.


All companies, large and small, will thus be affected by the CSRD rules. It is therefore vital that every company is well prepared for the new ESG reality as soon as possible and properly.


We help companies through this transition. Our aim is to completely unburden them. Find out how.


For small and mid-size companies


For large corporations


Read here the full text of the CSRD (English)

Corporate services

We assist companies with all corporate related services, such as:

  • incorporating new companies
  • restructuring of a group of companies
  • ensuring governance standards and assisting with the practical execution of governance related matters (board room meetings, shareholders meetings etc.), with a focus on the CSRD/ESG-requirements.
  • arranging for solid shareholders agreements
  • promoting and enforcing compliance with external and internal rules relevant to the integrity of the company or organization
  • drafting and reviewing commercial contracts
  • out of court dispute resolution


We are highly specialized in dealing with small- and large-scale M&A transactions. This includes due diligence services, contract negotiations, contract drafting, and (post-) closing matters. Efficient and practical, and always meeting the highest legal standards.


In conjunction with our network of integration specialists, we relieve companies of the burden that accompanies integration or carve out processes, whilst ensuring a healthy balance between people, process, capital and time constraints. With our guidance, an integration or carve-out process will run smoothly and is optimally placed to result in sustainable value creation.


Keen to find out more about how we do this? Contact us!


Working with our extensive network of international business advisory firms, law firms and other relevant contacts we assist clients when they are considering doing business abroad. This includes assisting with the incorporation of local companies, navigating local laws and regulations, location search, office search, dealing with permits and subsidies among others.

We also provide companies that have decided to enter the Dutch or European market, with a comprehensive suite of services.


Some examples of the countries we have recently dealt with are Singapore, Denmark, China, Argentina, the US, Germany, and the UK.



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